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okay, so i don't have a lot on my account right now... but i DO have a lot in the works!! (more or less)

...okay, so some of it is just an idea with some details.

...errr, i suck at bios. i can't write a bio to save my life. and bios are SRS BSNS.
akuroku, anime, auron/lulu, avengers, bee/sam, being a goddamn pervert, ben/riley, bobby drake, books, cable & deadpool, cable/deadpool, captain america, captain america/iron man, captain jack harkness, castiel, chocolate, chris pine, christianity, coca-cola, colossus, comics, converse, cookleta, cosplay, dancing, daniel craig, david archuleta, david cook, david tennant, deadpool, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dean/sam, dissidia, doctor who, doctor/jack, doujinshi, dreams, eddie izzard, eleven/jack, eleventh doctor, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, final fantasy, fire, gambit, geeks, gippalai, glee, god, hugs, human stupidity, human torch, ice cream, iceman, icon collecting, icons, internet, iron man, j2, jack harkness, james bond, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jeremy renner, john barrowman, johnny storm, jonas brothers, kingdom hearts, kirk/spock, laughter, lord of the rings, lotr, manga, marvel, marvel slash, mass effect, mccoy/chekov, mel brooks movies, merlin/arthur, misha collins, monty python, movies, narnia, naruto, obsessing, organization lix, owen/ianto, peter parker, phone boxes, procrastinating, pyroiceman, randomness, reading, remy lebeau, rikusora, rpg, rusty/linus, sam winchester, sam/dean, sarcasm, sasunaru, satire, school boy humor, science fiction, self-depreciation, sherlock holmes, shikaneji, shiny things, singing, slash, smut, sonic screwdriver, spider-man, spock/kirk, stand-up comedy, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek reboot, star trek: tng, star wars, steve martin, steve rogers, steve/tony, supernatural, tea, ten/jack, tenth doctor, the doctor, thor, thor/loki, tony stark, torchwood, twilight, video games, wizards of waverly place, x-men, yaoi, young avengers, zackcloud, zemyx